Bad print quality, do I need a technician?

The first thing any good technician will ask you is "did you try another cartridge?".

The reason for this is the end user is already accustomed to changing out the cartridge which could solve the problem in less than a minute without any repair costs. There are many different scenarios in which the cartridge could be the problem such as (but not limited to); label got stuck in the cartridge, it is out of toner and is not showing up as empty, a component inside the cartridge has failed due to age, it was shaken to "get more out of it" which could potentially cause it to leak or was accidentally dropped during the shaking process, or any number of other possibilities.

There are many reasons why you should always try a fresh cartridge first to see if you are getting the same exact issue as you did with the previous cartridge. If you already tried this and still have a problem then please contact us for a repair technician to come out and troubleshoot. Imaging problems could be anything from a cartridge to a fusing assembly, scanner, board, bad/corrupt driver, or possibly some other issue that our technicians will troubleshoot for you.

We also have service contracts available for those who like to "stay ahead of the game".

A preventative maintenance plan will help keep your printers running as good as new. We have a plan that will suit your business needs!

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