How many pages can i expect to get out of my cartridge?

The average toner cartridge yield varies depending on your model, coverage, density, and resolution; however, many factors should be considered. One such factor is how much toner (coverage) each page consumes. Standard page yield factors are based on 5% coverage (from the 1980's when MS-DOS programs were used and 5% was much more common) as an industry standard.
Q: Who prints only 5%?
A: Almost, no one now.
Q: What's a more realistic toner coverage percentage?
A: For most 10-15% per page. Here are samples of 5%, 25%, 50% and 80% page yield. Note: Most cartridges are measured on 5% scale for page yield. (Note: The 5% sample page below is printed on preprinted letterhead)

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